Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well, so much has happened recently, I don't really know where to start. W made it to Logan ok and I'll be starting classes in January. Talesin is getting more fun each day, always learning new things, like how he can grab my fingers and navigate them into his mouth where we spend some good quality time with him exercizing his jaw muscels. The new job has been doing ok I guess. I just got out of the transition period following training and get to learn things like which computers are broken but not labeled as broken waiting for the sucker new guy to be stupid enough to use them. In a lot of ways I liked the old job more. The old job 90% of the policies are national, so one persons account will work more or less like the next. This job the policies are 90% local, so the accounts all work very different from eachother and you just kind of have to get used to them all one at a time. Even how the information is organized for each region is different. So searching one region for the words pay bill might come up with a different set of info than the next region, and depending on your luck you might not even find what you were looking for.

I also liked the old job attitude that you had to guarantee that everything worke
Or followup until it does work. The new job, the attitude is it will probably work, if it doesn't they can call back, and anything you can possibly dump on another department do so because all calls are supposed to be over within 375 seconds on average to get full quality bonuses on the paycheck. I think my main complaint is that I've been working such late hours I have trouble getting time in for family.

BJ and I are being predictably slow to integrate into the new ward. Someone we met in the ward told us it normally takes about two years for the ward to get to know someone. Combine that with my normal social struggles and you can imagine nothing much is happening socially for me.

Unfortunately, we won't be getting out to MD this year for Christmas. Money is tight and flying is expensive. So we'll be staying in UT this year.

I've neen reading lots still. I just finished Rick Riordin's last olympions book "The Lost Hero" and got through Diane Duane's "So you Want to be a Wizard". Both great reads.

One way or another life continues. I'm not certain how I'll manage homework and Talesin at the same time since I've just been learning to cook dinner and hold him simultaneously, but somehow we'll manage.