Wednesday, April 30, 2008


My mother in law is pondering bestowing additional home storage wheat upon us. I spent a good deal of time this morning trying to find if one could purchase food grade buckets online. That way its weevil proof and more or less moisture resistant and food grade so you don't find out afterwards your food has been poisoned by fumes from the bucket. I found I could buy 1 five gallon bucket for $21 or I could buy 300 buckets for $2 a piece. I found people trying to assure me their dyed buckets were really FDA approved (that's not likely). But I couldn't find just plain old cheap buckets. At all.

Its easier to find a water valve made out of food grade plastic than a bucket.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On hold

You'd never really guess, but I wait on hold a lot working at a call center. Somebody came up with this great idea that making a rule that only ONE person at a time could take calls for "I want to speak to your manager" would be saving on productivity. If it gets backlogged by half an hour or so sure they might add a few and take them back off, but the rule is one person at a time. I think I spent about half an hour on hold at the end of my shift waiting for that one person.

And, fun of all fun, I listen to the same hold music you do when you call me. So I've heard every ad they play that is driving you nuts more times than I could ever dream of wanting.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday is bland day

I don't get to do interesting things at work on Mondays. The agents who walk around helping people who are stuck all get chosen by the start of the day and I work starting at 11. We aren't supposed to be allowed to set followups on people's accounts for Monday's either, so I don't get to be on the follow up on team. So I just took normal calls all day. I wasn't sure whether to be relieved or not. I had two "positive escalations" or people asking to speak to my manager because they thought I was wonderful. So that was nice. But then again, I get to deal with all those fun customers whose sense of creativity is so strong they never tell their story the same twice. And don't seem to see this is a problem when you point it out to them.

Of course, trying to research whether to recommend we credit someone their 2000$ bill or not is always a fun call too. Telling somebody sorry we already credited 1000$ for this last month so we can't do any more is a little scary, they might break down in tears.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


As a Sunday School teacher.

I will laugh very hard if they try to get me to teach a marriage and family relations class. Sure, I have a wonderful relationship with my wife but I probably have one of the most unconventional relationships in the ward and would be in a bad spot to teach others how to run the conventional variety.

Meantime I love teaching normal doctrinal lessons so this will be fun.

Ok, I finally broke down

And started a blog.

(It had nothing to do with my bike, which is in almost perfect mechanical condition.)

I wanted to have a place to refer people to an article I found that was really good.... but no good place to do it.

I wanted a place to discuss with friends a scripture verse that was driving me nuts. I've figured it out since then but I'd like somewhere to discuss things like that in the future.

I miss old hangouts of having group discussions with friends.

So please, feel free to post, but not kellogs.