Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday is bland day

I don't get to do interesting things at work on Mondays. The agents who walk around helping people who are stuck all get chosen by the start of the day and I work starting at 11. We aren't supposed to be allowed to set followups on people's accounts for Monday's either, so I don't get to be on the follow up on team. So I just took normal calls all day. I wasn't sure whether to be relieved or not. I had two "positive escalations" or people asking to speak to my manager because they thought I was wonderful. So that was nice. But then again, I get to deal with all those fun customers whose sense of creativity is so strong they never tell their story the same twice. And don't seem to see this is a problem when you point it out to them.

Of course, trying to research whether to recommend we credit someone their 2000$ bill or not is always a fun call too. Telling somebody sorry we already credited 1000$ for this last month so we can't do any more is a little scary, they might break down in tears.

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