Saturday, October 18, 2008

Strep throat

On Thursday I missed work because I woke up with massive headache, dizzy so much I had trouble standing, sore throat so bad I couldn't talk much, swollen lymph nodes, and a fever of 101.6. I figured it was just a head flu or something but BJ thought it was strep so went to the doctor to have it tested.

I love this town for sick appointments. I can get a same day sick appointment without pressuring the doctor or needing to use the emergency room. With all my fun medical issues I've had recently I still have yet to have entered the emergency room once.

The doctor said it was such stereotypical symptoms that he didn't even feel a need to test it just wanted to give me the antibiotics and send me on my way. I thought it was a little funny. He didn't percicely say stereotypical strep, just that it was obvious I was responding to "strep or something" and that even if a strep test came back negative he'd still prefer to treat it as if it were positive. I'd rather be a good citizen and not take antiobiotics I don't really need or just because I want to do something. But what do you do when the doctor just assumes that no matter what the lab says its just best to use them anyways? Oh well, they actually seem to be working. As of this morning I actually feel practically back to normal.

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sleepyhamster said...

Ok, I'd say in this case you likely did have strep throat since the antibiotics helped you. When I had my "strepesque" I ended up in the emergency room with a fever approaching 105. They did a quick strep test which came back negative, but they said if they don't get the right area then it often comes back with a false negative. SO being the idiot dope that I am, I believed them, and let them shoot two vials of penicillin in my butt. It took me over a week to get better. Tim has the same thing happen to him a week later, and he's in the emergency room with a "false negative" reading, but the doctor assumes he has it since I did, but then I pipe up with, "should I be worried since mine was negative too?" he said there are a lot of viruses that pose as strep, and we probably both got that...and proceeded to give Tim antibiotics anyways. I hate this approach to things! Doctors just shouldn't prescribe antibiotics at the drop of a hat!! I'm sorry but I see so many parents come in with Amoxicillin prescriptions just because oh their kid has a stuffy nose or something. News flash!!! THAT WON'T HELP THEM!!!! ok I'm going to stop ranting now, its just one of my pet peeves...Oh and we think I have mono, did I tell you that? At any rate, I'm glad that you seem to actually have had strep so the antibiotics helped and you feel better :-D