Monday, January 12, 2009

Finally, I am a student again

Not that my brain is ever really ready to shut down learning, but I am now starting a distance learning semester at my school again. Or at least, I hope I am.

You know things are off to a great start when day one of everything is marked by the schools online learning center for distance studies being closed with the notice "This account has been suspended, please contact your support administrator as soon as possible" and a mass email gets sent out saying "We're restructuring, please wait another week to find out who your teachers are".

Some things still haven't changed. Hectic last minute changes almost make me feel at home. Just so long as they get the online learning center back up and running fast enough for me to submit my assignments I'll be fine.


sleepyhamster said...

wait...when weren't you a student? Did I miss something?

CrouchingOwl said...

Well, for a long time now I've been just doing work and stuff for experience credits. Nothing too exciting. So this is the first time I've actually been enrolled in a class for a long time