Saturday, February 14, 2009

LDS disability website

The Ensign has been putting a lot of emphasis on disability awareness and acceptance over the last year or so. There's just been one good article after another. Just taking a peek at this new March Ensign, I noticed they were officially announcing the disability section of the church website, Though I personally might make a variety of small text changes and remove a link to an organization more interested in demonizing children for fund raising than promoting acceptance in its advertising, all in all I find the website to be very good. I've been very pleased to see the church put such an emphasis on acceptance and accommodation. Though I typically do not consider myself as disabled, but just different, and almost never bother trying to tell anyone that I have Asperger's syndrome, just seeing such articles and websites makes me feel more welcomed at church. If I ever feel a need to tell a church leader about that part of myself instead of having to come up with an entire presentation on the subject I can just say, "Go look at your own website to see what it says about me," and leave it at that. Saying it like that forces a link between allegiance to official church statements and acceptance that despite aparent strengths I also can have not so apparent weaknesses. Plus it refers them to official statements saying they have to try to be accepting and accomodating. All in one convienient package. I love it!


Sean said...

Thanks for the heads up - I put a link to the disability website on my blog.

sleepyhamster said...

I just hope that this means that the autistic boy in my class will be able to be more accepted by the leaders. I haven't been that impressed with the manner that they treat him. I mean this sweet little guy wasn't allowed to be outside primary until at least two years after he should have been out because he wasn't able to sit still, but at the same time kids that are willing disruptive and obnoxious are allowed to stay in their class!! It really just rankles me.