Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Bonnie Jean took Uriel to a Relief Society event tonight, so I had a chance to install the second lock on the cabinets this evening.  I put the first one on his favorite drawer that was just his height, but that didn't make him lose interest in our glass measuring cups in the bottom drawer.  He likes the noise they make when he bangs them.  But, now he'll just have to be satisfied with enjoying the noise the drawer locks make when he bangs that instead.  He didn't seem very pleased to see me finishing up, readily grasping the connection between the lock I was installing and the one already in place.  So all we need now is one final lock to cover the silverware drawer so he stops trying to pull out the sharp knives and we're good.  I don't really care if he pulls out the oven mitts in the last drawer.  I mean good grief he knows how to put them on before touching the oven.  Not that we try to let him, but he knows how oven mitts work and is ready to use them.  Better that than him trying impulsively to touch the oven in general.

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