Wednesday, October 27, 2010

USU here I come

So, update on college status.  I was accepted by all three schools I applied to, and have chosen to go to USU.  Their program for what I wanted seemed more along the lines of what I wanted, so I'm doing it.  I've chosen Conservation Ecology for a starting major.  We are working on moving as soon as we can manage, or maybe earlier, your pick.  It's times like these I wonder how many books we really need.  I think I counted in excess of 13 boxes full of books.  We spent several days just packing those up and doing nothing else packing wise.

This means transferring between work places.  That's been an experience and a half before even doing it.  So my HR department keeps contradicting itself about how benefits transfer.  Not that I'm not fairly certain I know which ones are making it up based on a lot of assumed information that isn't true and which ones actually know, but its kind of scary none the less.  Also, my experience so far is that one moment I'm told a training class is available for me to join, the next moment the training has been canceled, the next moment it is available again.  Oh, and bouncing back and forth between being told that my application will be handled through a backdoor process vs being told that I can only get in if I do things in the traditional by the book method.  Annoying describes it fairly well.  Hopefully everything will go smoothly once the rubber hits the road at all of its 10 MPG glory (which is the advertised mileage rate for our rental moving truck), but I think I can expect a few bumps in the road.

I'm also not looking forwards to a new training class.  The last time I went through training I had a class that acted like a bunch of 3rd graders.  The kind of thing like people hitting the teacher in the head with a paper airplane during class etc.  And that was pure hell for me trying to work through.  So hopefully there will be a more disciplined approach to managing the classroom once I get to the new site.  If not, hopefully I can duplicate my social success from the last time.  I think it was the first time in my life that I took a group social setting and intentionally changed peoples attitudes towards me so that general behavior wasn't so antagonistic.

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Lyndsey said...

I have quite the library myself. Last count I was as somewhere around 200 books. Every year I pull out 5-7 books that are not worth me owning and donate them usually to the SVU library. However as my book taste matures the number decreases to about 2 books a year. I am hoping to buy a house in the next two years. A massive built in bookshelf is a must. It sounds like everything is going really well for you. I hope you come home soon so I can meet the newest addition.