Thursday, June 2, 2011

Talk talk talk...

I talk too much each day.  I think this evening I took 51 calls, all from people I will never meet and will never talk to again.  Since I can't manage to sit near the same people regularly I somewhat depend on this parade of strangers to keep me company.  I wish I talked less and communicated more.

Taliesin is just learning to communicate.  We've tried teaching him some signs to tell us when he is done eating at the table or things like that.  That one is to raise both arms above his head.  Today he tried raising my arms above his head and since he often does that to invite me to rub his head I couldn't tell till afterwards what he was trying to say.

It's very cute when I'm trying to do something and he crawls up to me and gives my foot a hug to say "pick me up Daddy!"

Its hard not to smile when getting him ready for the bath and he tries to pull up on the tub to crawl into the bath to say "I love splashing water."  He loves the bath, especially now that he has perfected the techniques he needs to play with the bath toys after throwing them all out of the infant bath tub.

We've started down the road to diagnosing and monitoring a possible language development delay.  He's about 3 months delayed on his speech development according to the initial assessment.  We'll see in time whether he takes after his father and keeps near silence until gems like "Oh Boy, I've got joy" and "Mom I want a peanut butter sandwich" can fall from his mouth.  In the meantime, he'll roar and growl at his toy dinosaur.  And then bite the dinosaur's head.  And smile.  I like that form of communication.

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