Friday, November 11, 2011

Time... help... my way

I have to try very hard to keep my phone calls at work short enough to satisfy my employer.  It's always frustrating to end so many calls each day certain I haven't really done what I could or, on a personal level, should do for my customers.  I think many others find the same thing, resulting in all the calls where I have to stop and wonder what the last person who took the call from this person was thinking, or if they were even paying attention.  I just got a call today where the last agent had documented that he confirmed the account balance was the same as last month and significantly lower than the billing statements showed.  He reassured the customer really well, but left me with a very upset customer whose real bill was sprouting way above their budget.  My time stats were doing really good so I just said to myself "I give up I'm helping this person my way".  I credited the difference between his promised balance and what the bill had shown, explained how the discounts they had lost worked, explained in detail what their options were to save money (as in buying their own equipment, which of their favorite channels they could keep at what price, what their bill would be in a year from now, and more), and even identified and corrected a billing error where we were overcharging them for the services as is.  It took half an hour (about 5 times longer than I'm allowed per average call), but at least I had the satisfaction that I really had tried to help that person, that I took them one step closer to taking back control of their finances, that I did my duty as one human to another to help when life just goes wrong sometimes.  I helped them my way.  It was a good bet, my time stats for the rest of the day were good enough to make up for it.  I just wish I could feel I was spending more people my way

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Bobbi said...

I like getting CS agents that actually do their job. I'm sure that they really appreciated it.