Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, I just finished watching Obama's victory speech. I could learn some things about public speaking from him. I do have some disagreements with Obama's policies, but in general I think I am pleased with tonights results. This will be an interesting next 4 years.

Oh, and I almost wish I could speak to the woman at Walmart I overheard the other day claiming that Obama was part of a secret muslim plot to blow up all the TV stations and tell her, no, don't worry. That Christian guy we just elected won't blow up your TV stations. He'll be too busy making eloquent speeches through them.


sleepyhamster said...

*shakes head at ignorant people* Yeah I stayed up to watch the speeches. Both of them did such a wonderful job. I was pleased to see McCain quieting his immature supporters who were booing...as Tim put it, "I felt like I was back in High School!" I pushed my Obama button on my touch screen votey thingy at Ridgeview quite gladly. I had no hesitation or thought that I was making a mistake. I loved that Obama mentioned in his speech that his girls were getting a new puppy. I just couldn't help but think how happy they both must have been to be included in Daddy's special speech. I'm happy with the results and am looking forward to see what he'll do :-D

Whitaker said...

I'm glad that an African-American is going to be serving as President. I hope it will be motivating to other Black Americans to strive and achieve.

Some have said that they hope the next President will be treated as badly as our current one has been. I totally disagree.

Whitaker said...

Not sure what happened to my last comment. It must be the transition to the new computer... = )

One thing about our next President -- he has already had one, maybe two assassination plots discovered and stopped.

That should never happen! No matter how anyone feels -- the people have spoken!

I especially feel for his little daughters. They certainly need our prayers that the Lord will comfort their hearts.

CrouchingOwl said...

I know what you mean about the assassination attempts. Its crazy. Hopefully those don't become a regular part of his presidency. Sorry was a little late posting your comment, transitioning between computers has left me less time to check email.