Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Computer

I have finally purchased a new computer. I guess I'm just tired of being afraid the old one will break down without having backed up recently. 5 years is pretty good for a laptop so I think I'm done testing fate on it. I've almost transferred all my information to the new one. It was something of a job setting up the dual boot so I can run both mac and windows. But I managed it. Windows is supposed to offer to format your drive before installing itself, but the disk I got for whatever reason failed to offer so I had to somehow trick it into doing it, which Bonnie Jean figured out for me. Holding down F10 during a certain point of the installation routine triggers a "disk recovery console" which can be used to reformat the drive. Now its working beautifully.

So I'm happy with the new machine. I've enjoyed trying out the webcam.

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