Thursday, March 5, 2009

Switching cell phone carriers

So, Bonnie Jean and I have finally been released from our contracts with Qwest for cell service. We celebrated by taking the first day out of contract to order service with T-mobile. ATT's corporate discount wasn't enough to buy me out from the features I liked in T-mobile. Its kind of fun discovering what kinds of features are considered standard with the account. For instance-on ATT the mobile backup feature is a paid service only compatible with a minority of phones. On t-mobile, its included for free on most of the plans. Or on ATT any web access is pay per use by the kb no matter if browsing on an att site or off. On t-mobile the customer care rep has reassured me that t-zones is a free service, that you only pay for something if you use it. Considering just how many phone functions can accidentally click you onto tmobile's internet portal, that's a significant benefit that allows them to do things like put a web based help service for the phone. I'd never browse for online help from the phone if it wasn't free. So overall I'm fairly impressed. I'm getting extra's I didn't know were coming to me without paying for them. T-mobile's changed a lot since we switched off of them. If anybody had told me how much hassle qwest was going to be I don't think I would have ever made the switch.

Oh, one of the perks with the way we're setting it all up is most all of our calling will be unlimited now. I love innovation in the way cell phone plans work.

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