Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another death

Just last night my wife's step grandfather passed away. That makes 3 relatives in the last year. Hopefully we won't add anymore soon. Thankfully we will be able to attend this funeral as well since we were actually going to be in town anyways for a wedding. Seems like our planned trip keeps getting busier and busier. First we were going to celebrate our anniversary with a tour of birdwatching sites. Then a pair of my friends were getting married so we decided why not lump the two events into one. Then it just chances to be father's day so we're invited over to dinner at my in laws. Now a funeral has been added to the itinerary of our trip. Got to love life's curve balls some times. I guess we are just sort of at that age where grandparents might not last much longer. More on this subject later when I'm not dashing off to work.

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