Friday, June 19, 2009


Typical conversation between Bonnie Jean and I as I drive towards her parents house:
"Justin, why aren't you going the speed limit"
"Its higher?"
"Yes, this is a 45 zone, your going 35 and annoying the other cars" (or 40/30, whichever it is I go 10 under)
"Oh, it just doesn't feel like a 45 zone, I mean this is a residential street with houses on it"
"Its not a residential street"
"Look right there, there's a house and driveway pointing towards the road"
"That's why they have fences"

Needless to say, driving isn't our favorite activity. At least we get to listen to audiobooks together, but this trip I've been trying to rememorize old flash cards to prepare for an examination, so we don't get to listen to the books as much.

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Brian said...

I can probably say that I have listened to more books this year than I've read. Just wait until you commute.