Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Temple Recommends

I'm grateful to have a temple recommend. I was irritated when my last one expired just as the insanity of preparing for kids to show up happened and we switched wards. It takes some time just to find out who the executive secretary for a new ward is... and then to convince him your actually a member of the ward even though he doesn't know your name like the back of his hand because apparently this part of southern Utah has little social mobility...(never thought I'd hear anybody bear testimony about how its good to experience the emotions of moving from a house you've lived in for a long time at least once in your life, but it happened here). Ok that was an exaggeration about the executive secretary but its pretty close to what happened. So when we finally settled in the ward enough to know who to contact, we finally got those recommends again. Kind of nice.

Now only to find a babysitter and get chores done early enough in the day we can use them :)

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