Thursday, August 12, 2010

Audio books

I rediscovered recently that I could download audiobooks from my library.  I had known this for some time, but the last time I checked it was filled with a bunch of relatively low interest stuff.  Checking again, I found they actually had some of my favorite authors.  So I've been enjoying myself.  One audiobook for the car to and from work.  One audiobook for while I'm at work and at home.  Gives me something to do while I make dinner.  Makes me feel really pampered.  I mean a day doesn't go by without me having spent at least an hour, maybe more, immersed in some story or another.  And this without paying anything and for the most part without taking additional time out of my day.  Of course some of this will have to be reduced as I come up on my next Sunday school lesson and I'll need to spend more time preparing that instead of listening to books.  But oh well, I'm enjoying myself for now.

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