Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So I switched managers at work.  Not switching positions this time, but just managers.  My old manager decided the town didn't suit him anymore so he transferred elsewhere a few weeks ago.  The new manager was only barely selected a little bit ago.  Since they are still in progress of hiring additional managers for more normal positions, the new manager won't be able to take over responsibilities until a few more weeks have gone by.  It should be fun because our new manager is from outside our team and knows little about what we actually do.  So we get to train him.

I was actually encouraged to apply for the position myself by a few people.  But, when it came down to it my performance bonuses were regularly high enough to make it so my effective wage was higher than the starting manager wage.  Someone mentioned that if your base pay was higher than management starting positions then you could get a small wage increase for starting out, but my base pay was actually lower than management, just by total pay after routine bonuses was higher.  So it was lock myself into a position that makes scheduling my life insane because overtime is the name of the game (but not overtime pay because it was a salaried position) and get paid roughly the same amount or slightly less, or keep my position.  So I didn't bother applying for the job.

I hope I am able to work well with the new manager.  I always have to walk on tip toes getting used to a new social dynamic and this will surely be about the same that way.

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