Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heritics of Dune

I think I've decided to give up on the Dune Chronicles.  Books 1-3 were pretty amazing, but I have trouble making myself really want to finish Heritics.  I mean, the earlier books had lots of misogynistic elements in them but the focus in the books wasn't on those elements and they could thus be more or less dismissed as a background or backdrop to a story that wasn't about them.  But in this last book its as if the author tried to pull every nasty female stereotype he could imagine and inflate them to explosive proportions so that some of our characters are apparently mind controlling seducing manipulative freaks who want nothing more than to rule the universe with ultimate power while devoting themselves to being breeding masters over a subjected male subclass who is there to provide sexual submission, sperm, and worship.  Oh, and did I mention this character class is only a slight variant of other groups who are long term members of the story world?  Bring on the bored worm emperor gods any day, Leto was at least interesting in a bored sort of way.  I have to be able to find some character I like and sympathize with or who have goals I can moderately assume to be moderately justifiable before I can find a story accessible.  Maybe if I read farther into the book I would find that magic moment where the story clicked, but I went fairly far into it without finding it, so I'm giving up.  New author and new books here I come!

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