Wednesday, October 12, 2011

That's why...

I finally figured out why there is so much broken equipment at my work compared to the previous site and why the place is so... dirty.

They don't have an onsite janitor or IT repair person.

You'd think, no big deal, they probably simply have someone come maybe once a week when the place is closed, right?  No, they really don't pay for janitorial services.  I saw the building cleaned a few weeks ago for the first time in the nearly year since I had been working there.  They took a bunch of team leads and even some ops managers and they dusted and vacuumed.  Given that my boredom routines at work had developed into a habit of scrubbing my work station keyboard and computer vents of  thick wads of dust and scraping the gum off the bottom off the desks so my legs aren't brushing against it all day long I shouldn't be surprised, but I mean really, aren't there people with dust allergies at the place?

And then all the times a computer goes weeks or maybe months with a sign on it saying "don't sit here, (fill in the blank) doesn't work" when new training classes come out and the floor is so crowded I get excused tardies because it took me 5-10 minutes to find a seat again I shouldn't be surprised that they wait till they have a good full days worth of important work before they attempt to call in an outsider to do repairs.  I think this might have something to do with the entire row of desks that is used as a stowage place for broken chairs.

Over the last few weeks as they have started installing luggage padlocks on the headsets to keep people from stealing headsets off the desk, it begs the question, does a dirty broken down environment encourage unprofessional behavior?  Might it have anything to do with the half eaten pop tart I found shoved behind my cubicle computer?  Or the guy I saw today who was resting his feet on top of the desk surface?  I know they care more about having a "low operating cost" than about improving work place intangible values just like on my calls I'm 'supposed' to focus on the tangible value of the service provided over the intangible services I might provide, but I really find my work place kind of disgusting sometimes.

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