Friday, June 20, 2014


When I got home from work tonight the USU laser beam was going and for some reason it seemed exceptionally brilliant against the night sky.  So I took a picture on a 15 second exposure and wrote a poem.  What else do you do with free laser light shows?  Click the picture to see its full grandeur.


Infinite to the left, Infinite to the right.
The lightning splits the sky.
Endless possibility shines through the heavens,
When lightning splits the sky.

My past to the left, my future to the right.
Transformation splits my life.
Endless potential promised from heaven,
When lightning splits the sky.

The beauty of my past, the hope of my future.
Eternal transformation burns my life.
Endless decay and rebirth promised at the crossroads,
When lightning splits the sky.

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Whitaker said...

Profound and beautiful.