Thursday, June 12, 2014


There was once was a shepherd who had 100 sheep.  One of them tended to wander.  The shepherd didn't like how nervous that made the other 99.  He angrily told the 1 sheep that if it wanted to wander and tempted the other sheep to wander to the shepherd would spray paint it red so that the other sheep would know to stay away from it.  Because its better to have 99 sheep who know its  to avoid wanderers than to have 100 sheep who aren't completely strictly in agreement about everything.  Since the food of the good shepherd is only for good sheep, the spray painted sheep was then forbidden from eating the food in the pasture of the good shepherd.  Because its better to watch one sheep starve to death alone cut off and ostracized from all its fellows than it is to deal with the possibility that the 99 might get ideas.

What a good shepherd.  All good shepherds like to eat tasty sheep, what else do the sheep exist for?

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