Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy day

I've gotten quite a bit done today. First, I managed to wash our shower curtain so instead of looking like a mildewy sheet of soap scum it actually looks like new clean plastic again. I borrowed Dune from the library, cleaned the toilet, found a home or temporary home for every book we own outside of a box (wow we need another book shelf), put away other random objects, vacuumed most of the apartment for the first time, and took a trip down to the St. George Temple in a rented car. If only I had managed to fit in the groceries...

In other special news yesterday in team meeting at work I was presented with a small metal plate, a certificate, and a pen awarding me for getting some magical number of official thank you note cards from other employees at work. You can be awarded for either getting so many or giving out so many. I hardly paid any attention to the program actually as my manager commented once when I turned in the official notice for having received such a thank you note some 5 months late once, but apparently I'm one of the lucky winners this year/term/or whatever time period they use to award people who get them.

Probably the most memorable such thank you note I ever got was when I wrote some information in a follow up form that was found by the receiving agent to be slightly unprofessional. But, she found it so refreshingly honest and accurate that it completely made the her day and she was either laughing or chucking about it for several hours. But in any case I am now officially one of my center's "Power of One Champions" so that makes me happy.

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Whitaker said...

In my book, you're still The Great One!