Friday, September 12, 2008


Orange Shrimp Fettuchini

I've probably been salivating over this shrimp recipe since fairly soon after we got married. Bonnie Jean has told me I'm free to make it whenever I want just so long as we cook a separate dinner for her so she doesn't have to eat it. That always felt like it would be too much trouble, so I never did. But BJ had a relief society social on Wednesday that included a dinner, so I used it as an excuse to cook shrimp. Very tasty. Most Shrimp recipes either seem to overwhelm the flavor of the shrimp or mildly adds to it. This one had a strong flavor, but seemed to bring out the taste instead of hiding it. I shall have to keep this one in mind for the next time Bonnie Jean has a dinner event.


Andy said...

That looks really tasty.

Whitaker said...

It looks fabulous! I wish I liked shrimp!