Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mozart and the Whale

I finally watched it. The producer of Rainman did another movie for Aspergers syndrome which unfortunately had some serious post production disagreements that kept it from being marketed much or making it to theater. But, it did come out on DVD some time in the last few years. Part of me had been grateful it didn't go anywhere because I knew it had some stuff in it I didn't want to watch and I didn't want people stereotyping me off of something I wasn't going to see. But now that I've actually watched it filtered, I think its too bad it didn't take off. It was an excellent movie. Hit a lot of points where I kept saying "I've felt that one" and "I know what that's all about."

Hopefully another movie will come along and pull off the same quality presentation and actually hit off the marketing thing so people can actually see it. There's a documentary in the works called "Loving Lampposts" that sounds like it might hit the right note, but not many people go to documentaries even if it did hit theater.

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