Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was our 3rd wedding anniversary. Since we've done so much out of town off work kind of events recently we didn't do anything really special other than candlelight with dinner. It was a good dinner. Bonnie Jean cooked cashew garlic chicken. I finally gave Bonnie the wildflower guide I'd been hiding in my backpack for the last 3 weeks or so. So hopefully additions to her photo a day blog will start identifying plants instead of just showing pretty pictures.

In other fun stuff, I got a package yesterday that wasn't a present from Bonnie Jean. I had been taking a course in biblical hebrew for language credits at school and need more credits. My school's language department is a lot more cramming and bluster than retention and resembles a self study group more than a class. But I still wanted to learn more and do something for credit more interesting than taking the highest level class over again (yes, I've taken the highest division class and still need credits, language classes cause me problems in general). And even if I end up finishing off credits with a teaching aide round or something I want to know my stuff before showing up. So, I bought myself a self study program for biblical hebrew. Figured something meant for self study would be better than trying to use my classroom oriented textbooks. Kind of hard to find, most self study programs are for modern hebrew rather than biblical. But that wouldn't do, Hebrew has been around longer than most languages and consequently has devolved quite a bit more than most. So if I did modern hebrew self study there would be entire conjugations missing and major grammar rules lost along the way. But I did manage to find one program for only about $100.

So far I am grateful the only features missing from the mac version are print, scroll bars button ends don't work(you actually have to drag the scroll bar, clicking up or down is useless), and volume control. I am grateful to see they have maintained virtually universal compatibility in the past (the software says it will run on a windows Pentium 166 and on Mac OS 7.5) which means they'll more likely keep it running for the future, but somehow I'd prefer being able to print to being able to run on a dinosaur operating system. But, worst case scenario I can throw the disc in Bonnie Jean's computer if I need to print anything, and the program only overrides my system volume control if I try to touch the program setting, so it should run just fine in the meantime on my computer.

Last quick to mention about the software... its probably the only software I've ever paid for that I can't find a license agreement controlling my use of it. I've downloaded free stuff with no agreement... but never ever before purchased a without one. Not that I'm going to abuse it, but I guess I won't feel guilty about copying the program from the CD where they intend you to run it to my drive to help save my dying laptop battery.

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