Monday, August 25, 2008

New Fridge

We had been complaining about our fridge to our landlord almost since the day we moved in. The crisper wasn't held on correctly making it very difficult to open and for some reason instead of dripping normal condensation in its 'drip pan' it dripped it all directly on the floor. But somehow, especially the way a week or more into continuous puddles we were told "give it another week and tell me if its still happening" we just weren't expecting anything to be done about it. But today with 45 minutes of warning a new fridge showed up. The space inside is much better used, I think its a little bigger, and miraculously nothing seems to be wrong with it.

That's probably because it really is brand new. Bonnie Jean actually saw the handyman taking all the new product stickers off of it. I am very happy about this new fridge.

Among other things I am happy for is an unexpected check for 438$ in the mail. Apparently the radiologist decided he had overbilled us...? I'm not exactly sure how this is working because we never really figured out where the bill for that amount came from in the first place, none of the insurance claims are for amounts matching that. The hospital tried to tell me when I asked that I was being billed separately for the people who performed the cat scan vs the people who actually read it after it was developed. My guess is I was double billed for my CT, once at the actual insurance company pricing where I pay deductible all at once and the other 1000$ is rated at 20%, and again directly from the radiologist at a rate as if I had already paid my deductible. But in any case with as many hours as we have missed from work recently thats practically another paycheck.

So today I'm feeling very grateful.


Whitaker said...

Cool on both counts!

Bonnie Jean said...

Was that pun intended? ;)