Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Keys are given back

We have finally finished moving out of the old apartment. The transition has disrupted my internet connection, keeping me from posting here much. But its all done. We finished cleaning it and as of this afternoon gave back the keys. I was a little amused the apartment manager said that we were leaving about the same time our noisy indoor smoking next door neighbors were getting kicked out of theirs. You wouldn't normally think of someone smoking next door as being bothersome, but when both of your get an idea that its a wonderful day to leave the window open smells travel most unpleasantly. So far we haven't had any such problem at our new place. And the noisiest thing that happens is babies crying and what we think is probably a little boy rolling around a toy truck.

I've mostly recovered from all the tiredness of traveling and surgery. I'm still exhausted some days, but its more likely to be from reconstructing cinder block furniture than anything else. So far Bonnie Jean's desk is back together and the entertainment center is about 1/3 complete. With each new arrangement of cinderblocks coming together another few loads of boxes or other large objects can be emptied out on them. And slowly the floor reappears beneath our feet and trying to performing basic tasks without the confusion of where everyday objects went returns. We were even able to make a fancy dinner for some friends a few nights ago, with only marginal confusion as to where the ingredients were. So life returns to normal. Whatever that means...

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