Saturday, August 16, 2008

Memorial Service

We've heard a lot of funny stories today, gotten a lot of sense for who our missing grandparent was. Really beautiful memorial service for him. I don't know how many Just-in-time or Just-in-case jokes I've gotten this weekend, easily between 4-8. With fake apology an Uncle told me it just wouldn't work as well to tell me that I was just-in-cumin. I reassured multiple people that I've been hearing variations on this joke since I was born so it wouldn't hurt to hear it again.

If we are lucky, a sister in law will drive in early enough we'll see her before having to drive back out of town, but at this point that doesn't seem likely.

So now its over and we're settling back down to relax. Spent time with sister and her husband, spent time trying to calm down their puppy so she would understand that just because there was someone new around was no excuse to try to pounce on Bonnie Jean's head. After Lizzie was better restrained, I went photo hunting after a beautiful dragonfly. Since it always came back to the same perch in the garden wasn't too hard. One photo better to show how beautiful it was, the other to show its interesting anatomy.

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