Monday, May 26, 2008

If you don't know the word Neurodiversity...

You should. Similarly if I call you a Neurotypological, you should probably know what that means too, though for very different reasons. I reserve the right to use big words :)

Bumped into an excellent article discussing the subject from another blog. A little winded, but is probably the best exploration of the complex issues involved as I've seen.

(disclaimer I didn't think it was gospel)

The self actualizing of almost any characteristic is so faddish these days its hard not to take it as just more positive self talk and general fluffiness. But when you've actually emerged from the darkness of self loathing with a social expectation of duty to self loath attached, its impossible to ignore diversity movements again. Not impossible to disagree with any particular stripe, but impossible to ignore. Identity exists in such an infuriating duality of the inherited and the malleable that a posture of assuming lightly is to crush broad swaths of the human spirit.

Or, to put it again more shortly, you should know the word neurodiversity.

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