Sunday, May 4, 2008

In Salt Lake for the weekend

My sister in law went through the temple for her endowments yesterday so two days ago we ate a hurried dinner after work and rushed out the door to arrive at around 11PM on Friday night to attend the session at 8:30AM on Saturday. It was a lovely session and hanging out with the in laws was fun too.

Later on Saturday we hung out with my sister (not in law) and my nephew. We were all very impressed that he managed to restrain his love of knocking down towers of blocks long enough to play through 5-8 rounds of Jenga, his first time ever. Bonnie and I were very impressed with their parenting skills. A non verbal almost 3 year old is not an automatic easy ride but they almost make it look like one.

So this should be about the last trip of taking home my wife's stuff from her parents house. Now we just need to find a way to transport my rock collection from my parent's basement. In addition to retrieving the last of my wife's things we are also receiving a 60 pound bucket of wheat (surprisingly still good after being around unused for who knows how long) and a large supply of rhubarb. We ran out of the last supply a long time ago, I'm looking forward to cooking with it.


Peggy said...

Hm ... Rock collection.
Any books you are particularly interested in -- say, wildlife encyclopedias from Mrs. Fox?

CrouchingOwl said...

I would love the Wildlife encyclopedias. They were so much fun.

Peggy said...


Maybe at Christmas? No extreme rush. You could look around at other books you might like as well -- maybe make a list of them.

Bonnie Jean, too.

Peggy said...

Yolie took down 3 trees today. Really changes how her yard looks. The dogwoods stand out a lot more. They are flowering now.

We've had the windows open all day -- birds are going nuts. Singing like crazy! Love this time of year.

Peggy said...

Are you going to freeze the rhubarb?

If so, how do you do it. I bought some yesterday, but would like to have it available to use for longer than just a week or two.

CrouchingOwl said...

wash it and remove all inedible parts, chop it and throw it into a freezer bag. When they thaw they'll be a little soggier than when fresh but still taste fine for a crisp or most anything else you might put them in. Just anticipate a lot of juice will drain during thawing and if you meant that juice to end up in the food thaw somewhere where you can save it.