Sunday, May 11, 2008

Taught in Sunday school today

Today I taught the Gospel Doctrine lesson, went very well. I was enjoying myself thoroughly. People afterwards seemed to think I did well. I was pleased.

I forgot to mention earlier Bonnie and I finally got a copy of the painting that I used as an excuse to meet her. Its the one of the Second Coming that is a mural on the inside of the Washington DC Temple. Still haven't hung it yet, but glad to have it, brings back good memories. I don't have anything really effective for reminding me how the roommate burst into the room swearing and cursing about work while I was proposing over the phone. But I'm ok with that, I guess. I could always print out the love poem I wrote her to propose and frame it. :)


Whitaker said...

I think that's a great idea to print out the poem.

Walmart has inexpensive mats and frames -- that's where we got most of Bethany's -- might make a simple printing of the poem a spectacular thing for your wall! And it would add a touch of color as well as a sweet memory of the moment.

Mmmmm. Yes!

Whitaker said...

I'd love it if you snapped a photo of the picture and emailed it to me.