Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cars and insurance

The last time we rented a car the agency called me back and told me ominously about how big of a rock chip we had put in the windshield (I never saw it but then again when you use the key drop your responsible for anything that happens in the parking lot after you drop it off) and about how they'd have to replace "it". I politely reminding them that a rock chip only needed filling, not replacing the entire windshield. I told him who we were insured through and then we never heard a word back.

Finally I called my insurance to have them prepare a claim and then called the rental agency back. They told me to forget about the whole thing and they had decided to not bill me for the repair. I was very confused, first they act all confrontational and exaggerate the repair necessary, and then they tell me not to worry about a thing? Bonnie Jean suggested perhaps they thought they could get the money from me no hassle since I had declined their insurance, but when they discovered I was insured the hassle of filing claims seemed more work than it was worth. Who knows, maybe its true. But it sure seems strange. My guess is they can't keep track of who rented which vehicle and were calling me on somebody else's damage but later discovered their mistake. I've actually caught the rental contract describing a completely different model car than the one I was given and been told "oh don't worry about it everything is right in our computer no matter what the paper says."

Whatever happened, at least I didn't end up paying for it.

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