Sunday, June 29, 2008

A good dad

This little bird has a lot of spunk. We watched for 3-4 minutes a week ago as it dive bombed that crow until it finally convinced the crow to fly away from this perch, after which it chased the crow out of sight. This is the second sighting Bonnie Jean and I have had of this sort of behavior. This gives the impression that this little guy has decided that the entire block is crow free territory because you'd figure he'd give up the chase when the crow flew across the street and beyond the apartment complexes beyond. But he kept up the chase.

Based on a similar bird we saw this morning I believe it is a Lesser Goldfinch. If you click this photo you can see the yellow belly. I was a little surprised to identify it as such because the field guide says this bird likes reliable water sources, but I keep forgetting we have an irrigation ditch running right behind our parking lot.

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