Saturday, July 12, 2008

Walking, and more walking

Bonnie Jean and I have been walking a lot recently. Apartment hunting for if Jen leaves us with her baby. Walking takes a lot of time. We've found a place that is so cheap it would practically be the same price as we pay now after shutting down our storage unit and not having to use laundromats. The only problem, half the interior doors don't have doornobs, the paint is peeling, the windows are all covered in absolutely gross cloth sheets that aren't designed to draw back or go away easily and are all in strange colors, like stripped green and pink. Most of the light bulbs don't have covers. Oh, not to mention that the wall in the shower is moldy. I tried to ask them if they'd fix said items and all I got was "we'll put in a work order" and "that's a cleaning issue" as if it was some mildew that could be wiped off. I know rotting wall in comparison with mildew, and this was rotting wall. I don't think they believed me over the phone. As price goes its a little gem, otherwise it needs a serious redecoration. With as little confidence as they are giving me that they'd actually fix anything, I'm a little nervous wondering how long I could play the game of deducting cost of repairs from my rent each month.

In other walking recently I just went to the dentist. They told me considering how long it had been since I'd been to a dentist my teeth were doing really well. That's always nice to hear.

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