Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Buses and reunions

This morning I am heading off for a family reunion in Michigan. It's been an adventure already. We knew we would have trouble leaving from the local greyhound station because the buses tend to be full so we figured by taking a bus that left at 2:15 AM we could count on getting a seat. No such luck. There was only one seat on the bus and someone else got it, not that I'd really want to be seperated from Bonnie Jean. We asked when the next bus was coming through to see if we could catch that and all the driver would say is "6:30AM, 10 AM, I don't know sometime soon". We remembered the routes enough to know those times were not even close to true, he was just guessing and trying to get stuck arguing with angry passangers who paid for tickets the bus can't take. Upon getting home we verified, the next bus is at noon. However, we can't verify the process by which tickets can be transfered from one bus to another, except that it costs 15$ per ticket in normal circumstances. Calling is no good since greyhound won't answer the phones even after 20 minutes of hold time and their message advized that to avoid wait times of 10 minutes or longer it is best to call after 2PM (which is too late if the next bus driver can't help us).

So instead we are going to save these tickets for another day and my brother in law is fetching us. That will get us to Salt Lake a little late to make it to the temple, but otherwise everything will work out, the plane doesn't leave till tomorrow.

Since the last time we traveled on Greyhound there wasn't enough space for all passangers either and we only boarded because of luck, I think this is the last time I'm giving them a chance and will only use them for return trips from here on out.

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