Thursday, July 17, 2008

Surgery all done

I am back home and in minimal pain so far from the operation that corrected the medical problem unveiled in the the bleeding referred to several posts back. If you feel like finding out more gross details go look up in a history book Rousseau's primary medical problem (other than later life insanity). The anesthesia left me more shaky than loopy but the doctor says I'm not allowed to sign any legal documents for at least 24 hours. Its kind of funny though, never even saw the surgeon, I don't think he even entered the room until after I was out and he didn't come in after I woke up.

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CrouchingOwl said...

An update, strike that thing about minimal pain. Yesterday I had to remove my own catheter the other day. Nurse said should be pretty easy, just deflate the balloon holding it in and should slide right out. I was in so much pain I was dizzy, ears ringing, breaking into a sweat, and feeling weak as if I might faint. All in all took me about an hour to remove. When the after hours nurse called me back to see if I still was having trouble, she expressed surprise, said most patients can remove them in about 10 seconds. So, for the moment I am back to minimal pain. Almost meant a trip to the emergency room. Had it out far enough it wouldn't function anymore and would cause its own severe problems if not removed all the way. But its gone now and I am glad.