Sunday, July 27, 2008


I've been enjoying the family reunion. Watching my 5 year old autistic niece and my 3 year old Asperger's nephew playing and laughing their heads off is a blast. When they first met they started growling at each other playfully. That is the 3 year olds favorite verbal expression, growling. So I jumped down and started growling with them and the joy was increased. I'm enjoying the green. I was helping Bonnie Jean with her pictures and caught this one just before running off for yet another eternal round of family photos. I was intending to catch the bee in flight but didn't have time.

I tried telling her to use it on her Photo a Day blog if she wanted it, but she said since she wasn't even trying to get this picture she thought it would be cheating.

So, yes family reunions have lots of photos, group dinners between people who have never seen each other before in their life, and earlier today a 70th wedding anniversary for a great uncle. I had never realized how much of that side of my family belonged to the Salvation Army church, where the celebration was held. The local church has an awesome band, I was in ecstasy
the entire time.

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